June 2021

PCB Fabrication And Assembly

The PCB Fabrication And Assembly

Wingate Electronic Sdn Bhd was established in 2012. We provide one-stop services for PCB and PCBA. We can fabricate PCB up to 20 layers quick turn prototype and mass production high precision PCBs. ”The best quality, the lowest price, and the promptest delivery” is our principle. And our PCB assembly, we have automatic optical inspection (AOI) testers and can deal with all kinds of integrated circuits such as SMT, Through-hole components, and QFN. Our company can provide chip placement through-hole components assembly and finished products fabrication.

pcb assembly

Printed circuit board is a complex process that begins with a product concept and ends with a fully functional PCB assembly. The physical circuitry will be laid out in a PCB design after the net connectivity is captured. Finally, electronic components are ordered. We will solder the components onto the board, then the circuit board will be integrated into the full system. It will follow by assembly testing and verification.

pcb fabrication

We need to take care of a lot of intricate details from the beginning to the end of PCB fabrication. One area in this process that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves is the fabrication of the bare board. The design of a PCB receives a lot of attention due to the complex software tools used in its creation. Manufacturing will get equally lauded in the satisfaction of completing the final product. But somewhere in the middle of this lies, the mysterious process of circuit board fabrication, often unknown outside of the design world.

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Repair Industrial Electronic Devices Malaysia

Industrial Electronic Devices Repair In Malaysia

Here at Wingate Electronic Sdn Bhd, We can provide industrial electronic devices repair. Instead of throwing away the damaged circuit boards such as power supply, AC Inverter, DC inverter, touch screen monitor (HMI), servo amplifier, PLC, etc.

Do send them to us for a free evaluation and price quote for repair. “YOUR SMALL ACTION TODAY MIGHT TRANSLATE INTO A BIG SAVING TOMORROW.”


electronic repair service


Repair Benefit

Nowadays, people rely on a truly large number of electronic devices. Many of them are fragile and prone to breaking. That can tempt people to simply go out and buy new ones. However, it is often better to repair them instead of replacing them. Fixing damaged electronics offers quite a few advantages, so it is something that everyone should consider when they suffer a malfunction.


repair benefits


Save Money 

Nowadays New electronics are expensive, especially when they are the latest and greatest model to hit the market. Most people struggle to find the money to replace a damaged device without warning, and even those who can afford it often find that it causes some financial strain. Repairing damaged electronics is normally cheaper than replacing them, especially for larger or more complex devices. It is still important to check the prices before making a choice, but it is generally safe to assume that repairs are the financially responsible option.


save money


Save Time

Most people spend a lot of time picking out a new device. They compare models, look for sales, and read reviews. That is vital to make a good choice, and we could actually spend on doing other tasks. Sending a device out for repairs is faster and ideal for people who have busy lives. It is also beneficial to those who cannot spare the time to do the research for a new device.


save time

No Learning Curve

It will take a huge amount of time for us to get to use a new device. Especially if that device is a major upgrade over an old one. Most people can get used to any new design with time and effort, but they suffer a major loss to productivity while they adapt. It can also be a deeply frustrating experience. That makes it a problem for both businesses that need their employees to perform at their best and for private individuals who want a device that just works. Sticking to older electronics eliminates that learning curve, which makes it the most convenient option for the vast majority of people.


Know Outcome

Even people who do their research sometimes find that new devices do not meet their expectations. That leads to stress, disappointment, and wasted money. A repaired device is a known outcome, so the owner will rarely be surprised by the result. They can simply go back to use the device that they have gotten used to using.


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